It can safely be said that during this festival Varaždin pulsates with the creative rhythm of the world. Špancirfest turns this city into the Capital of Music, the Kingdom of Theatre and the Empire of Beauty created by the hand of the artist. Streets and squares of the historic nucleus in which the festival takes place become too small, for in addition to tens of thousands of visitors they are ruled by street artists and buskers.

The success of a festival is measured, among other things, against the degree to which it has become a part of its surroundings – and the folk of this city measure time by the period between two Špancirfests. They are simply a part of it, indeed they are the festival, and that is why this truly is the festival of good vibrations.

In the 16 years of its existence Špancirfest has welcomed over 15,000 performers from all over the world, and has attracted over 2 mil visitors – which is by far the best testimony to the wealth of happenings and the unique atmosphere of the Varaždin festival of street strollers.