Olive harvest

Months after the summer are a time when the year’s hard work pays off in the most beautiful way. Olive harvest in fall is one of the most thrilling parts of the year for all Croatian residents. It is a time when friends and family get together. Joining traditional Croatian harvest activities is a great way to meet the locals and find out about their customs.

Grape harvest

You are probably wodering why You should visit Croatia during grape harvest. Here are the reason: the weather is a little cooler, the grapes are ripe and everywhere is bustling with activity. Wine harvest season takes place for about 2 months each year so keep it in mind when planning your holiday.

cooking classes

Croatian cuisine is known as a cuisine of the regions, since every region has its own distinct culinary tradition. Enjoy a cooking class and learn the secrets behind the diverse and exciting traditional dishes and Mediterranean fusion.

As every person is different we have different types of cooking classes for You! Choose to enjoy in classic cooking class where You will prepare the traditional meal with Your local host with ingredients from their garden or local market. If You feel a bit more adventures dare to get up at the dawn and catch Your own fish that will be made into a delicious lunch later in the day. If You want to experience the luxury and feel special private chef experience is for You. Including a ride in Old Timer car and a dinner that will be prepared in front of You by well-known chef in prestigious hotel this experience will be something You will not easily forget.