This tour includes Cooking class in Malo Grablje, picturesque and abandoned village of Hvar Island. In Malo Grablje You will meet Your host. In one of his gardens You will have the opportunity to pick some of the necessary ingredients to prepare Your meal. Your host will teach You how to prepare Your lunch or dinner in a traditional island way including couple of cooking tricks.

In an abandoned village

Preparation of under the baking lid – ‘peka’ dishes. It takes about two to three hours to prepare that meal and the result is slow cooked food – healthy and very delicious with lots of flavor.


You will meet your hosts at the local market where You will choose the ingredients for Your lunch at the local fish market and meet a young couple that will host You in their home. After choosing the ingredients, they will host You in their home. Accompanied by traditional music and nice entertainment, You will actively help in the preparation of Your meal following traditional recipe.

In a private home

Preparation of traditional black risotto. Black risotto is usually made of cuttlefish and as the name suggests, its’ color is black. Seafood risotto is usually prepared with squids and different types of clams.


In a private atmosphere, you will enjoy a traditional dish by famous local cooking instructor which for decades has carefully collecting local recipes, and published them in her own chef book. With the meal, you will be able to enjoy the excellent wine and brandy made by these local people.

In a private home

Preparation of a traditional appetizer, salad, gnocchi with meat and dessert.

general info

For each city, we prepared different types of cooking classes for You depending on Your preferences. Take a walk with Your host through fresh green market or fish market and choose Your lunch. If You want to experience a great adventure, we dare You to try our fishing day tour. In this tour, You will enjoy in tasty Dalmatian cuisine and the best lunch You ever had. Why is it the best? Because You will have for lunch the fish You cached Yourself. This is unique experience that You will remember as a highlight from Your vacation. If You just want to relax and enjoy in extra luxury let Your private master chef prepare the top-notch meal in front of You after You take a ride in Old Timer car. This can be a perfect preset for an anniversary, honeymoon or a fun group meal with friends.

The menu may change depending on the catch of the day, available ingredients and your wishes and preferences.

Duration: half day tour (approx. 3h)


  • ingredients for Your lunch
  • lunch and beverages

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