Sea food


Sea food specialties can be found along the Dalmatian coast and islands. Dalmatian gastronomy is mainly based on delicious fish, shrimps, squid and clams prepared with olive oil and various spices such as laurel and rosemary.

Meat dishes

Delicious meat dishes can be found throughout Croatia. Roast Turkey with pasta tatters, Zagreb steak and Stuffed peppers can be found in northern Croatia while the famous Kulen and its sister sausages may be found in the deep Country side.

The dry Prsut is typical for the coastal part of the Country. Strong winds are essential to create a tasty and very dry “prosciutto” in Istria, while some smoke helps Dalmatians to dry their Ham without using the wind. They are making the same product, but its final taste is very different.

Pasticada or meat baked under the baking lid – peka are typical for southern parts of the country.

River fish

River fish can be tasted mainly in the inland and it is perfect for the ones who adorn fish and enjoy in tasting new and different sorts than the usual sea fish.

Olive oil


Olive oil is one of the trademarks of Istria and Dalmatia and one of the most famous Croatian products. It can be a perfect souvenir and the best addition to your meals.



Delightfully tasty, capturing the strong character of the dry winter wind, creamy yellowish Paski Sir produced on the Croatian island Pag has been described as one of the ten best cheeses in the world.

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