Sit back and enjoy as this time we head to Šibenik and recommend places and sights that you should not miss while staying in this fascinating Dalmatian town.

Sibenik is known for its fortresses that adorn it from all sides, but we have already written about their importance. (More about Šibenik fortresses you can find following this link) The rich historical and cultural heritage, proximity to two national parks, slow Mediterranean lifestyle and charming islands of the Šibenik archipelago are just some of the special features of the town of Šibenik.

Šibenik was first mentioned on December 25, 1066 in a grant from King Peter Krešimir IV. which is why they also call it Kresimir’s city. Kresimir’s city is the first city in the world to receive public lighting. Šibenik’s streets were first lit on August 28, 1895. The hydropower plant at Skradinski Buk on the Krka River was built in 1895 just two days after the launch of the one on Niagara Falls. It is considered the first open hydropower plant in Europe.  Cathedral of St. Due to its values, Jacob in Šibenik was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. Several stone-cutters and builders worked at the cathedral, and one of the most significant parts is the portrait gallery – 71 carved human heads along the outer perimeter of the apse and 3 lions. Human heads are of different ages, genders and races carved in natural size. To this day, it is not completely known who was portrayed by Juraj Dalmatinac. Šibenik is a unique trademark of the Šibenik International Children’s Festival, a unique Croatian and world event. It was created at the initiative of a few art lovers for children, and soon became a complex festival mechanism of international value. Theatrical performances, screenings of children’s films, concerts, various workshops … All this awaits visitors in the summer months.

In the Šibenik archipelago there is an island where traditionally made jewelry from corals – small animals that petrify as soon as you take them out of the sea. Did you know that the word coral comes from the Greek word kuralion meaning “daughter of the sea”?

For those who truly enjoy delicious snacks, Šibenik is the right place. Šibenik has one of the most famous Michelin star restaurants, Pelegrini. Pellegrini is more than just fine dining, it is a unique experience. Exceptional service and sustainable gastronomy are what they aim for. They want ingredients to be as fresh as possible, so they are working hard to reduce the time from the farm or sea to the table. Pelegrini holds the title of the best restaurant in Dalmatia, it has it all – a wonderful atmosphere, an unmatchable view on UNESCO protected cathedral of St. Jakov, in the heart of the historic core of Sibenik, and great food.

Now we have introduced you to the many sights that adorn this beautiful city. A handful of content for adults and children are sure to complement any holiday. All you have to do is decide on a date and get going.