Bajadera is one of our most famous and certainly most delicious pralines! It exists in Croatia for more then 50 years. The very interesting thing is that no one until now has not found the same recipe that Kraš factory has even the people are trying for some many years.

Bajadera was named after one oriental court dancer, and the name bajadera was early related to women which preformed Indian dances. This particular dancer charmed  and inspired the legendary Marius Petip to create one of the most complicated and beautiful classical ballet .

It was originally hand made and was packed in the luxurious sweet boxes with other nougat desserts. In the year 1954 they started to sell only Bajadera in the sweet boxes, it gain so much popularity.

Bajadera is made out of two colors and sorts of chocolate. The two nougats are made of almond and hazelnut. They say the special ingredients is SUGAR which is made in the certain way which no one knows and which gives Bajadera this beautiful and sweet taste.

Today Bajadera is still one of the most famous and most sold pralines in Croatia but also worldwide. If you come to Croatia, do not hesitate to try it!

Fun fact: Croatians have the tradition, that when they are going to visit their relatives or friends they mostly bring Bajadera, also if someone has a birthday or any kind of celebration, Bajadera is very common among gifts!