You don’t need a perfect formula for a perfect vacation. You just have to open Google maps and look for Croatia, ancient Zadar, point at magnificent Dugi Otok and pick the dates. Undisturbed by mass tourism, Dugi Otok (which means Long Island in English) is definitely one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. It is one of those islands where you can escape and really let go. Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, and in terms of natural beauty it is certainly one of the richest and most diverse. Its 45 km long coastline gives us numerous island attractions extends from the steep cliffs to the expansive sandy beaches.

Among the many beaches, coves, caves and countless islands that surround it, one of the biggest attractions of Dugi Otok is certainly the Telašćica Nature Park. This unique bay is one of the most beautiful and largest natural bays in the Adriatic Sea, and is adorned by powerful cliffs, so-called rocks, which rise up to 161 meters above sea level and descend to a depth of 90 meters, and finally the salt lake Mir (which means Peace in English) with healing properties.  In the vicinity of these islands, as well as in the whole nature park, you can see beautiful cultivated meadows and hills covered with rich Mediterranean vegetation with about 500 plant species and equally rich fauna.

Sakarun beach is probably the most famous Croatian beach, and it will charm you with its turquoise lagoon, white sand and crystal-clear sea. You will relax in the shade of pines, drink cocktails or try out ‘picigin’ game. The approximately 800 meters long Sakarun Bay offers enough space for sun-seekers, friends having fun and families enjoying summertime away from the city buzz. Despite the Sakarun being located by the open sea, it’s protected by the long bay and thus always provides pleasant bathing temperatures.

Ready for the perfect summer? You will thank us when you get there.