If wine is your passion and you enjoy the rich aromas of red and white wine, sit back, take a glass of your favorite wine and let us take you on a journey through the three most famous wine regions in Slovenia. What makes Slovenian wines so special? You can find vineyards in several Slovenian regions, where the fullness of the taste and rich aroma are greatly influenced by the climate, habitat and valuable hands of the winemakers who blend in with the love and long tradition that makes Slovenian wines so special.

Coastal wines are nourished by the Mediterranean climate and are known as dry wines. In the hills of Gorica, immediately on the border with Italy, famous Slovenian winemakers produce white wines such as Rebula, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, White and Gray Pinot, and red wines Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Goriska Brda is one of the most famous wine regions in Slovenia, so if you decide, you can spend a few days here enjoying numerous tastings even while biking.

Named after the Drava River, Podravje is a wine region which is ranked among 4% of the best wine regions in the world. The cultivation of vines in this area has a long history and is woven into the lives of the local population. Continental climate and soil are two major factors that shape the aroma and taste of wine. Maribor has been growing velvet or blue sofas for over 400 years, which is one of the oldest domestic varieties of noble wines in Slovenia.

The third wine region is connected to the Sava River and is called Posavsko Vineyards. This region is the cradle of Cvicek. Cvicek is a wine that is produced from at least four varieties and has low alcohol consistency (8–9%) and, with moderate consumption, works very well in maintaining health. Each Slovenian vineyard is enriched with a wine route that will take you to numerous wineries and vineyards, both large and small.

If you do not have a few days to explore all the hidden secrets of Slovenian vineyards, you can head to the capital Ljubljana where you will find many of these wines in small wineries.