In the midst of incredible overhangs of steep and high walls, one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers, the Tara, breaks between the foothills of Bjelasnica, Sinjavina, Ljubisnj and Durmitor. Located between the villages of Budecevica and Tresnjica in Montenegro, there is a bridge that, by its architecture and dimensions, is one of the largest and most beautiful bridges in the world. In addition to being beautiful, bridge Tara is grand in its construction and magnificent, it is also famous for its fate and role in history. When it was built in 1940, the Tara Đurđević Bridge held two world records, one of which still holds today. Its first (largest), of a total of five concrete arches, has a span of 116 meters and nothing like this has ever been done in the world before. The second world record for this bridge, which has never been surpassed, today is the construction of the largest wooden scaffold for the purpose of building a bridge, which cost as much as 40% of the total cost of building the bridge!

During the Second World War, in 1942, partisans mined the construction of the last small arch on the left bank of the canyon, 44 m in length, to prevent the occupation forces from moving towards Montenegro. Although the remaining parts of the bridge remained intact, the bridge was transported throughout the war. The demolition of the part of the bridge was entrusted to civil engineer Lazar Jaukovic, who himself participated in its construction. The engineers of Jaukovic were captured and shot dead by the Italians, and the inhabitants of Durmitor County erected a monument at the place where he was buried at that time for his courage and sacrifice.

Even after so many years, the Tara Djurdjevic Bridge remains one of the most visited and famous destinations for all who visit this part of Montenegro. Its five arches are an inseparable part of the river Tara and its canyon, because such harmony of architecture and natural environment is difficult to find in the world. Even if you just walk on it and admire the view of Tara from its edge or descend on a raft beneath its largest arch, you simply will not be able to hide the excitement of its size. I guarantee you will never forget that feeling and will return to the bridge.