Once upon a time, the fortress sheltered the city of Sibenik from the numerous attacks that threatened this city, and today, with their magnificent contours and the view that you can experience on them, they become an exceptional tourist attraction and cultural richness. Four Fortresses – four beauties, are a combination of cultural heritage and extraordinary adaptability to the natural environment. Two of them have recently been renovated, in line with the planned reconstruction and revitalization of the Sibenik city, which increasingly becomes the pearl of the Croatian coast and an unavoidable tourist destination.

St. Mihovil fortress was mentioned for the first time in the 11th century, during the reign of King Petar Krešimira IV, the founder of the city of Sibenik. It is known as the oldest fortress in Sibenik, and was built on a 60-meter-high hill to control and prevent entry into the bay of Sibenik and the Krka river canyon. Its layout has a form of irregular quadrilateral and has four towers.

Fortress Šubićevac, also known as the Baron Fortress is located at an altitude of 80 meters and, together with the fortress of St. John with whom it was connected, in 1647 played an important role in defending Sibenik from the Turkish attacks.

The Fortress of St. John is located above the old town of Šibenik, 115 meters above sea level. Continuing with the same goal of defending the city from the Turkish attacks, just like the other three, this fort was erected in just 45 days. It has served as an attractive scenery for shooting some of the world’s most popular Game Thrones series.

St. Nicholas Fortress is from all sides surrounded by the sea. It has triangular shape from the middle of the 16th century. The goal was to defend the city from attacks from the sea. Today this fort is considered one of the most important Croatian maritime monuments and one of the most beautiful Renaissance monuments. By entering the fortress of St. Nicholas on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Sibenik became the only town in Croatia with two monuments on the UNESCO list, and stood beside London, Berlin, Beijing and New Delhi.

Fun Fact: Sibenik is not only known as a Fortress town, but as the city on the Mediterranean with most stone stairs, also know as „skaline“ in the old city.

Šibenik is a place where you can enjoy calmness that si surrounding you. This is an advantage comparing to some bigger towns nearby. This is why I visit him often.