Opatija is the most long-standing lady of Croatian tourism, a city that doesn’t lacks glamor and also a place that has the complete infrastructure for a modern and peaceful life. All of this is Opatija, a city that covers 66 square kilometers of pure natural beauty at the foot of mountain Ucka, and its inhabitants enjoy many activities and amenities that make this city one of the places of high quality of life.

Beautiful church in the center of Opatija, the church of St. James is one of the most important buildings in Opatija. The story of Opatija is fatefully related to this church and its monastery, because the town was named after that monastery. Only four centuries after the church was built, Opatija will start developing from a small fishing village into a prestigious resort. The first mansion in Opatija was built in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa. That year is taken as the beginning of tourism development in Opatija. The historic mansion, known as Villa Angiolina, has hosted many celebrities throughout its existence. Opatija was officially proclaimed the first seaside resort on the Adriatic. By 1913, a dozen hotels, 44 guesthouses, 83 villas and as many as 5 beaches were built here, surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens and friendly locals. A lovely promenade called Lungomare stretches from small fisherman’s village Volosko, passes trough Opatija and end’s in picturesque Lovran. This symbol of the city of Opatija extends along the sea, which has always been a favorite promenade of Opatija. The beautifully landscaped trails will take you to the most beautiful beaches of Opatija, famous landmarks such as the Park and Villa Angiolina and the Statue of the Girl with the Seagull. Learn the magic of magnificent old villas and see spectacular examples of 19th-century high-end architecture as you stroll along the sea.

If you are looking for a quite place, somewhere where you can enjoy wonderful scenery, Mediterranean cuisine, clear sea, easy going activities, unique history and architecture then Opatija is your next dream destination.