This heart-shaped country abounds in beautiful and still undestroyed natural beauties. If you have not been convinced in the beauty of this hidden gem by now, as we have so many times, then stay tuned as we take you to some of the best destinations in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Hercegovina, which is a real pearl of the country due to its natural values ​​and beauties. In the center of the park is the Perucica Rainforest, which is the largest rainforest in Europe, covering an area of ​​14.34 km2. It contains a large number of trees about 300 years old, and it is believed that the rainforest itself is about 20,000 years old.

One of the most interesting natural landmarks in the region are certainly the Kravice waterfall, about 40 km from Mostar. The water of the river Trebizat spills over and falls from a height of 30 meters creating a natural amphitheater 150 meters wide, creating a natural performance for every visitor. In summer it is usually visited by rafting enthusiasts and others searching for an ideal place to relax and have fun in a natural unspoilt setting with the constant sound of a waterfall in the background. Near the waterfall there is a small cave where you can see stalactites of calcium carbonate and an old mill. Caves are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. There are numerous caves throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that are rich in cave jewelry. If you are an passionate traveler and enjoy nature, a tour of one of the most beautiful caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a phenomenal experience for you, your friends and family. Lukina Cave is one of best known caves in this lovely country. Remains of an extinct cave bear that have lived for over 15,000 years have been found there. It is known for the beauty and number of cave decorations as well as for the stalagmite reminiscent of a mother with a child.

Town Kladanj has always been known for its mineral and healing springs, the most famous of which is certainly the source of “Male Water”, which has been attributed aphrodisiac powers and other healing properties for centuries, primarily in terms of strengthening the physical ability of men. Rising above is Mount Konjuh that with its attractiveness arouses the curiosity of mountaineers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from neighboring countries.

Now we have given you some of our favorite hidden spots in Bosnia and Hercegovina that will surly amaze every true nature lover. If you want to know more about hidden gems, let us know, we have a bag full of them and all you have to do is pick your travel dates.

Bon Voyage, or as we and locals from Bosnia and Hercegovina would say, Sretan put!