We have already written about the many natural beauties that adorn Slovenia, from the unique Lake Bled to the wine regions and rich history, but Slovenia hides many more things even in less visible places. Slovenia is also known for its numerous caves. Settle in and we will take you to magical underworld of the Slovenian Caves.

Postojna cave consists of three levels, at the lowest passage of the Piqua River, at the middle there is a “life” of the cave with its visitors, and at the highest there are mostly speleologists or tourists, guided by more excitement than usual tours. It was opened to tourists back in 1819 for the reign of Austrian Crown Prince Ferdinand. This cave contains more attractions than the aisles, trails and beautiful halls of space appearance that hold various manifestations or shapes of stalagmites that resemble different animals, and some say even humans. The Postojna Cave belongs to the most diverse cave systems in the world. The most famous cave dweller is certainly a gentle whitish-looking body without any armor, completely blind with tiny legs and extremely famous because everyone is glad to see her, a human fish.

Just a few kilometers from Postojna Cave you’ll find a majestic cave castle, called Predjama Castle. This world-famous attraction is a true delight for all who love the legends of knights and is a true symbiosis between nature and man best work.

Our next stop is Skocjan Caves, a 6-kilometer underground cave complex in southwestern Slovenia. This is one of the most beautiful and largest natural phenomena of its kind in Europe, bringing it to the UNESCO list of natural heritage and the RAMSAR wetland habitat. The area is also of great cultural and historical significance, having been inhabited since the Mesolithic. The long-lasting coexistence of man and nature is reflected in the typical karst cultural landscape, including a special settlement pattern and karst architectural heritage. Scientific research has also led to the penetration of tourist routes through the Skocjan Caves. The first entry in the visitors’ book was recorded two centuries ago.

The Cross Cave is more than 8 km long underground water cave of Slovenian karst in Notranjska. The cave is an important site of cave bear bones and one of the biotically richest karst pits in the world by number of underground animal species. Its special feature is the underground lakes, formed behind the sigma partitions. The most beautiful water part, accessible only by boats, is designed for tourist visits, but due to its vulnerability, it can only be visited by up to 4 people a day with only one boat.

The Kostanjevica cave is a karst cave, which can be explored carefree, since it has well-organized trails and electric lighting. Ready to explore fairytale stalactites? In this lovely cave you surely will, because nature has sculpted them into many shapes that resemble the rainbow, Santa Claus, a giant leg, a bear and many other interesting shapes. The youngest visitors will especially be interested in the fairy tale about the giant that the guide will tell you all about.

Now we have given you a little inside in some of the most famous and beautiful caves in Slovenia that will charm you with images that you have never witnessed before. Transform yourself and your family or friends into daring cave explorers. Experience the underground world in the most primal way possible. Explore its mysteries as true speleologists or take a ride through underground tunnels.