Hvar is a city with a long culture and local mythology. Surrounded by wooded hills and sheltered harbor facing south, it has been the focus of maritime routes in the past. Town monuments, churches and palaces, houses and forts were built by the people of Hvar. Lavender is a blue beauty with a wonderful scent. The cabinets of local grandmothers on Hvar smelled of this flower, and when the sheets were spread out, everyone seemed to be in an intoxicating paradise. Lavandin from the island of Hvar is rich in essential oil that has distinctive characteristics. Men, women, and children went out into the fields at dawn, wearing sickles. They didn’t need another tool. From the beginning of June until the end of July, the same ritual was repeated every morning in Hvar. The sun was rising over the picket processors in the morning and immediately warmed, absorbing the scents of lavender and glowing stone.

Velo Grablje is a picturesque small town situated on a hill above the open sea overlooking the Pakleni Islands, and only a few kilometers away from the attractive town of Hvar, and it boasts of having numerous archeological and cultural-historical monuments in its area from prehistoric times to the new century. Although the village is almost deserted today, people used to deal with lavender, and it is surrounded by fragrant fields of essential plants, and in the village is one of the oldest distilleries on the island of Hvar, which today produces lavender, rosemary and other essential oils. The tradition of lavender production is an important part of the islanders’ lifestyle. This small bush full of purple flowers has certainly nourished many of the island’s inhabitants, educating many Hvar professors, lawyers, doctors.