If you are an active holiday lover and enjoy cycling and walking, we have a unique location for you to explore through the numerous trails that will lead you to the indescribable mountains and valleys, but also along the crystalline Adriatic Sea. Surely you are wondering which destination offers a route that connects magnificent highlands and enchanting sea, let us present you the trails of Gorski Kotar.

Gorski Kotar is an area hidden among mountains, valleys and forests that preserve many natural beauties. The Goranska Bicycle Transversal is a new cycling route that connects all cities and municipalities of Gorski Kotar and their natural, cultural, historical attractions and gastronomic delicacies. It will take you along existing forest and local roads with little traffic as it is intended primarily for nature lovers and mountain bikers.

By transversal you will get to know the whole area of ​​Gorski Kotar in parts, which enables you to plan a multi-day active vacation. It consists of 7 stages of 28 to 43 kilometers and a total of 260 kilometers. Together with 9 branch routes, it makes more than 400 kilometers of unique 2-wheel pleasure. Due to the distinctive and attractive terrain configuration, there are more than 5000 meters of total ascent and as many descents throughout the transversal.

One of the most famous trails is the one that will take you through Risnjak National Park. This is a sixty-kilometer trail through one of the oldest national parks in Croatia, where wolf, bear and lynx live side by side. If you going to embark on this journey, do not forget to bring your camera because you never know who and what you can meet by the way. This route starts in the magic of Crni Lug, passes through Gornje Jelenje and takes you to beautiful lakes in Mrzle Vodice. It would be a shame to tell you everything else you will encounter on your way, so we will leave the rest of the trip secret for you to discover on your own.

Look, listen, smell, touch, feel, taste. Gorski Kotar is ready for your senses and your bike.