Long and interesting history


Susak is a small island located in the west of Kvarner`s bay in the northern part of Adriatic coast. It`s name is very interesting and it comes from the Greek word Sansegus which means oregano which grows in abundance on the island. I have try that oregano, it`s perfect, little bit differant than usual oregano but very nice, you can feel that clean air and vibe in it, trust me! ?

Susak is very specific island and it`s language is a mixure of few languages: old Croatian, English, Italian and French.

Island`s history is very long, rich and complex. From 11th to 13 the century Benedictines owned the island, after that island was run by King of Hungary and after that Venetian. In 1815. Susak was attached to Austrian monarchy. Susak will be under Austrian rule until the end of WWW1 and then become a part of Italy until 1943. when island falls under military occupation to German troops until the end of 1945.. In 1947. Susak was united with Yugoslavia.

Economy growth on island of Mali Lošinj has encouraged tourism of this island from 19th century.  The main attraction was beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Bok.

People have been coming and going from the island throughout history. Emigration from Susak was a personal choice, but the most general and understandable reasons are the usual, lack of opportunities and desire for a better life which was very hard to find on this little island in those days. Many of the people have emigrate and currently lives in the United States.


National costume


To be honest, while I was preparing this article I didn`t know too much of this interesting island. I find out that they had very specific national costume which I didn`t see anywhere else in Croatia or on the Adriatic coast or islands. There are two specific costumes.

„Po susacku“ (in the way of Susak) is for every day`s use and „po losinsku“ (in the way of Losinj) for festive occasions. Costume for every day`s use is simple, black skirt with vest and long linen underpants with high red socks or slippers. Festive folk costume „po losinsku“ : a blouse, a pron of artificial silk, under folded kamizot worn is many colored under skirts, feet are in pick socks and in leather shoes.

Men`s costumes looks like from a period resembling the one from Cres island and is less attractive from women`s. It consists of a soft and wide black cap, shirt with white collar, black linen vest, black traditionally cut trousers held by simple belt of knitted of red or pink ribbon looking like a rope. The festive belt is wider and solid pink ribbon decorated with colorful threads.


Heaven on Earth


Susak is the only village on the island and there is 200 people as permanent residents. During high season there is 2000 people on the island which is pretty much!

On this little hidden treasure You will not see any cars, only bikes and the occasional tractor here and there!! ?

If you arrive on this island prepare your self with a lot of gorceries because here is only one store that is open only 5-6 months in the year.

Cuisine on the island is very specific and unique. Since the island was under several nations it`s no surprise to us that all of this has influencted on today`s cuisine. Cuisine combines Italian, Croatian, Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Susak`s neighbors are beautiful island Mali Lošinj, Veli Lošinj, Silba, Premuda, Ilovik and Unije islands, true heaven on Earth if you ask me ?

Local people said that Susak is very special island and there is some vibe on it that words can not explaine…you must go there to find it out ?