The official awarding of the ”European Best Destination 2016” title to the Iadera of Ancient times respresents merely a window for the rest of the world to get in on the secret everyone who ever had the chance to visit Zadar already knows: it is indeed one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic Coast with undeniable Mediterranean charm.

Having visited the city numerous times, I have yet to be anything less than impressed by its relaxed vibe and interesting sites. The city of rich cultural heritage often referred to as a ‘city monument’ is a combination of ancient and medieval times as well as Renaissance historical monuments and contemporary architectural wonders.

Zadar is a magic mix of all the elements travellers might go for when considering a visit to a new city. No matter what one’s preferences when getting to know a certain local culture might be: museum visits, outdoor sightseeing, traditional cuisine or adventure, the city in the heart of the Adriatic has the perfect offer for all the above.

My personally favorite thing about Zadar, besides its stunning waterfront with the famous Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun and mysterious old town center, has to be its vicinity to the beautiful islands of central  Adriatic: Pasman, Ugljan and Pag. Just the fact that its location enables You to get a taste of the coastal city life then dive right into the relaxed mindframe of everyday island living is enough to get anyone interested in at least passing through the city to witness its uniqueness.

It seems like staying in Zadar equals staying in the epicenter of all the rustle and adventure in the central region of the Adriatic Sea. With Paklenica National Park, Zrmanja River Canyon and Ravni Kotari as a backdrop it has a lot to offer to those looking for an active holiday as well as food and wine lovers. Since its offer extends to neighbouring islands, young travellers might find themselves attracted to the idea of visiting one of the many EDM festivals taking Place on Zrce beach on Pag island, while those in search of a perfect family holiday may opt for sun sea and sand experience in one of the many Pag, Ugljan or Pasman towns.

Zadar should be on the wishlist of every traveler interested in experiencing the Adriatic Sea coastline, as well as everyone who appreciates the charm of ancient cities that emerged from their previous era with a newer, modern attire to adorn the foundations of its mesmerizing past.