The city of Zagreb appears not to sleep during the winter holidays, providing visitors the spirit of Advent and Christmas through a rich musical and artistic program. Zagreb is definitely a must see destination in December for every true lover of Christmas, such as I am. 😀

Every time I am in Zagreb during the holidays, my Christmas tour starts at the city´s main square, Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica where the big Advent wreath is situated. From that place, in wherever direction You will go, You will find something interesting to see and to feel the real spirit of Christmas.

When we are talking about Christmas shopping, the Bogoviceva Street, near the main square, is the number one street for finding some seasonal gifts or gingerbread hearts.

The new, “must visit” place in Zagreb is Tomiceva street where the creative cultural and gastronomic project “fuliranje”( means” fooling around”) is held. This little street with a view on Zagreb funicular transforms into a Christmas gastronomic market where You can try traditional and also food from all around the world and try mulled wine.

If You are looking for some romance, You should visit Zrinjevac, the small park in the center of Zagreb. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful part of Zagreb during the Christmas season. The park is surrounded with fountains which are decorated with many various lamps and other Christmas decorations. There are situated many wooden houses where local artists offer handmade souvenirs and food such as sausages with cabbage, fried apples, baked cheese rolls known as “strukle” and “fritule”, the traditional sweets. All that is followed by the specific music program.

As in my case, the best comes at the end, my Christmas tour finishes at “Tomislavac”, the park near the main train station. During the holidays, the park turns into a fairytale ice skating park where the visitors can enjoy ice skating surrounded by the beautiful lightening scenery and Christmas songs.

And don´t worry if it gets too cold, You can always warm up with a glass of mulled wine and continue to enjoy at the fullest.