Varaždin, one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Croatia is locally also known as Little Viena. That title came on the behalf of the warmth that its dominantly baroque architecture reflects. One thing is certain – it wouldn’t look like this if it remained being the capital of Croatia. Yes, Zagreb wasn’t always the capital of this country. If you want to know how Varazdin lost that privilege, read more about the legend that includes a boy, a pig and a big fire.

In the rich history of Varaždin, it is written that this city was Croatia’s capital until the end of the 18th century. It all changed after a big fire that burnt the whole Varazdin down. The legends says there was a boy working on one of the Varazdin nobleman’s estate and he wanted to light a cigarette during a break. He didn’t want anyone to see him, so he went to the stable.  Short after, his colleague called him for help. He wanted the young man to bring him a bucket of water. So, the boy took the first bucket he could put his hands on. Unfortunately, that was the bucket used to bring the food to the pigs in the stable. One of the pigs thought it was getting food and ran fast to the young man and knocked him over. His cigarette fell into the hay and caught fire which soon spread to the stable and shortly after, the whole estate was on fire. On top of that, it was a very windy day in Varazdin. When the church bell marked the noon, the sparks flew over the walls in city center and to the gunpowder shop. There was an explosion which just strenghten the fire that could no longer be put out. By the nightfall the city was turned to ashes. Since Varazdin no longer had the proper conditions for the state’s administration, it was moved to small town nearby – Zagreb and was never moved back.