The Naive – also called Naive art or the art of the naives, primitive art or the art of the modern primitive. This is a distinct segment of the art of the 20th century. It is comprehending a small group of painters and sculptors which are untrained in the ways of art, among the limitless number of kinds of expressions and trends in modern art. The Naives are always distinguished from other self-taught, popular and vernacular artists by their unique artistic style; by then, their sheer artistic excellence. The Naive is a concept – just like the concepts of Expressionism, Abstractionism, Dadaism, Cubism, Surreal and so on – that we use to interrelate some of the separate worlds of modern artistic creativity.

Now that I have told you something about this creative and unique art, you can also enjoy in the Museum of the Naïve art in our capital city Zagreb. That is really some interesting art that you can see, it is very colorful and has all kinds of themes.

Contact us and enjoy in this beautiful and unique art with us!

Fun fact: Books which are used in school, such as the book of Croatian language or even some kid’s tales have the drawings of Naïve art.