What makes this little place Tribunj interesting, started even a little more than half a century back from now, in the 1952, where students from Tribunj during the summer holidays that spent in their native village, organized a donkey race. The race has quickly become a tradition, and in the 1957th year, with few interruptions, which the largest was a period of war, it held annually ever since. The riders are dressed in traditional costume, and winning comes when someone first come to the finish line, but it’s not that simple. It is not said in vain, that someone is stubborn as a donkey. Race is around the old village (ie the island). Let me also mention that islet Logorun near Tribunj, which is, thanks to the efforts of the Croatian association, became the world’s first reserve for the donkeys.

After a 43 years of the race, in 2006th year was internationalized, laurel wreath and winner cup are taken from the Croatian national team, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium and Italy and even Brazil.

It is interesting how this traditional race has spread outside the Croatian borders, and has, each year, more and more participants from different countries who want to try in this particular race where you need to keep in mind that donkeys are one of the most stubborn animals.