From the walls of Dubrovnik extends the beautiful view on the not so far islands. One of them is really special, and lefts me speechless. Locrum is home to an idyllic little salt-filled lake linked to the open sea. Special forest reserve under UNESCO protection. Locrum is a popular swimming and picnic area, and at the same time exotic and mysterious place to which binds many legends and stories.  But this island is famous not only for its beauty but because but for its stories that can’t leave you indifferent. Nobody lives there or even spends a single night since too many years.

Once upon a time, in the picturesque sea lagoon,  some of the most prominent Austro-Hungarian princes, nobles and courtiers, and occasionally members of the imperial Habsburg lineage spent their vacation over there. On the Paradise island which is witnessed of  romances and tragedies.

Apparently, the islands first owners were the Benedictines, but the Dubrovnik authorities wanted to keep the island only for nobles and their vacation purposes, so they banded the Benedictines from the island. That’s why they have cursed the island forever… They walked the whole night with lighted candles upside down, circling around the island and yelling, “Damn everyone who obtains Locrum for personal enjoyment!!!”. Since then, princesses and many nobles died on this island after spending there a single night, while swimming or sleeping in their villas. 

The locals says that the only way to remove the curse is by collecting all the waxes… why? Well…let the guides tell you the rest of the Story, this was just the beginning of the legend… 

Would you dare to spend a night on this beautiful island? 🙂