Looking for the origins of town Split,  You have to know that everything starts in Salona, town in vicinity of palace which existed 5 centuries before beginning of palace construction. Salona, the capital of former old roman province of Dalmatia, located 6 km northern of Split in today Solin. Her favorable geographical position in the middle of eastern Adriatic coast, as well its location on the bottom of protected Bay of Kastela, by delta of river Salon (today Jadro), and good road connections with inland, enabled fast and undisturbed development of town. Salona had 60.000 inhabitants and it was, according to size, fourth town in Roman Empire. Significant era in town development was reign of emperor Diocletian, who has built magnificent palace in which he has exiled after abdication on 1st of may, 305.y., the date considered the beginning of town Split existence.

At his time many monumental buildings are built, forum, temples and therme are restored and amphitheater is upgraded. The flourishing of civilization, culture and art flourished is evidenced by today city walls ruins. Salona progressed even after Christianity when her martyr bishop Doimus was accepted as guardian of town (emperor Diocletian had him executed). It became in 4th till 6th c. center of Christianity in this area. That splendid and rich Salona was devastated in attack of Avars and in first half of 7th c., probably about 640. y, and survived Salonitians escaped to islands or shut behind firm walls of Diocletians palace. In that way, spacious palace of powerful emperor turned into city Spaletum, later named Split, which is unique example in urban history.

Architecture that is a real jewel of the Dalmatian coast that You  MUST see!!