Sibenik – the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic is rich in both spiritual and material culture, with its historical heritage well known worldwide. Apart from St.Jacob’s Cathedral, The Count’s Palace, the Old Town Hall and the nearby Krka National Park, Sibenik is famous for being the city fortresses, counting a total of four, built to protect the city from various conquerors.

These impressive structures surrounding Sibenik, enchant with their beauty and present an attraction that is not to be missed when visiting this amazing city. What once served as a protection for the largest preserved old town core in Croatia is today a part of the unforgettable tourist experience offering the most amazing views of Sibenik.

St Michael’s fortress dates back to the eleventh century during the reign of King Petar Kresimir IV – considered by many as the founding father of the city. It consists of a lower layer of thirteenth century stonework that numerous Venetian-era improvements and changes have been made to with a double wall descending towards the sea – indicating the fortress had a double purpose – defending the city from every direction and potential threats from the seafront and the port.

The Barone Fortress was built during the seventeenth century Candia Wars during which the Venetian and Ottoman armies attacked the Dalmatian hinterland and the city of Sibenik was on the front line. The fortress is located above the town to the southeast and it was once connected to St John’s fortress, playing an important role in the city’s defense from Turk attacks in 1647, when both were built with assistance from Sibenik residents.

A part of St John’s fortress was used as a set for Game of Thrones during the fall filming season in 2014 – it is also a Venetian-era stronghold located above the old Sibenik City core and has a star like shape. It was built in merely forty five days.

The fortress of St Nicholas was built in the mid sixteenth century at St. Ante Channel entrance – to protect the city from attacks from the sea. Encircled by the sea with a narrow embankment connecting it to the mainland, it was a work of the Venetian engineer Michiele Sammichelle. Its bottom part is made of white stone while the upper rows are built of bricks, while the cannon holes are aligned with the sea’s surface. This particular fortress is very well preserved and considered one of the most important maritime monuments in Croatia.

Among all the other reasons to visit one of the most attractive ecological, aesthetic, tourist and recreational area on the Croatian part of the Adriatic, its historical defense system, converted into a tourist attraction is at the pure top of the list of things to visit and explore during Your stay in Sibenik.