You made a very lucrative business and your business partners decided to reward you at the end. It seems to be a wise decision to go somewhere where you haven’t been yet and get fully rest. However, your business colleagues don’t want to relax only, they want a little bit of adrenaline as well.

Of course, you will accept such a plan and decide that you are going to Croatia. But how combine it all? Very simple. At the airport the driver will pick you up, with a comfortable van and drive you to Opatija. In this city, which is called the Monte Carlo of the Adriatic Sea, you will be placed in a luxury hotel where you can relax with a massage, swimming pool and excellent gastronomy. If you want a glimpse of a good fun, at the evening visit some of the finest casinos, or have a drink or two or more 🙂 in famous Croatian discotheques loaded with excellent energy.

After few days, we can organize a yacht with experienced skipper that will take you throw whole Croatian coast. Croatian archipelago counts more than 1,000 islands, a lot of lighthouses where you can stay. Your job is to choose where to go, or just leave everything in skipper’s hands and relax. Skipper will teach you how to catch fish and prepare it, how to sail, you will discover the most beautiful bays and beaches where you will wish to remain.  But after a while you will want some more action. Once returned to the coast you’ll have an adrenaline ride quads, cross motorcycles and ultimately exciting rafting. After these unforgettable rides with experienced trainers, you will live a different gastronomy that will be remembered. Eventually you will come back again, but this time with the Olympic spirit: “Faster, higher, stronger!!!”