Also known as “Ragusa”, Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent destinations in this part of Europe and a “must see” city of the Adriatic Sea coast. Famous ancient Walls that surround the old City for a few months become the filming destination for the world famous series „Game of Thrones“. Like every year, this autumn the streets of Dubrovnik will be transformed into fantasy world of George R.R. Martin for the fifth time. For a few months the city walls will become King’s Landing – the epicenter for many battles of the heroes and heroines of this popular series.

As a big fan of the series, I think I’ll apply to be a part of the cast this year. Even if I only walk through the streets of my favorite fictional city as an anonymous bystander it will be a huuuge thing for me. Imagine that you become a part of the show that have the millions of viewers. I’m immeasurable happy that I can proudly say that I live in a country that is a part of this series. My town hosts amazing actors every year.

If You don’t want to apply Yourself or you are not interested in acting just as much as I am then just take a walk through the streets of Dubrovnik or Split and take a picture of authentic locations from the series. You can spend an amazing vacation in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik or you can say King’s Landing :).

Maybe You will get lucky and You will get to see the sarcastic Tyrion Lannister or whoever is Your favorite actor famous on the streets of the city. Mine favorite character, if you haven’t notice already, is definitely Tyrion.

Come and be the part of this fascinating world of acting. Who knows maybe You become the next big star, discovered on the set of series in Croatia. You will maybe become part of the “Mother of dragons” team that in the future seasons (I think 🙂 ) will attack the walls of the King’s Landing.

And the last thing I just have to say: Thank you Mr. Martin for choosing “my” Country to be part of such a great series.