We all think carvat is just an ordinary accessory. But for Croatia is has a much bigger meaning. First let me tell you something about this special item.

Around the year 1635 six thousand of soldiers and knights arrived in Paris as support to the French king Lui XIII. Among them were also some Croatians. The traditional uniform with tied and illustrated scarfs around the neck awakened some attention from the French courts. These scarfs were made from different kinds of materials, there were rough materials which were worn by the regular soldiers and the softer ones made of silk were worn by officers.

That style was called the Croatian elegant stile. It was still unknown then but around year 1650 it becomes a item of state which represented culture and elegance.  Among the newest researches the first Croat who worn our famous Kravata was Ivan Gundulić, who was and still is a very famous writer.

The young French king Lui XIV. (he was seven years old) started to wear Kravata around year 1646 and made the kravata the standard among the other nobleman. They soon called that kind of fashion la Croate (which means on the Croatian way).

Kravata marked history of Croatian wars, and that is way it was named after our people and today it is the ultimate state of elegancy.

She had multiple functions:

  1. she was protecting eyes from the dust while riding a horse

2.she was used as a bandage, to stop bleeding or to cover the wounds

3.she was used as the sun protection and also the as the water filter

We also have The day of kravata which is celebrated on the 17th of October every year!

Fun fact: We entered the Guinness world record when we made the biggest carvat ever! It was in color bright red because that represents openness, warmth and love.

So if you are visiting Croatia, buy kravata and take home one of a kind souvenir