The island of Lošinj is one of Croatia’s most magical hidden gems and the perfect escape. Out of the beaten track you get in touch with the Mediterranean. Where the stars look beautiful like nowhere else, where you breathe with your full lungs, where waves of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia intertwine, and where the last North Adriatic school of dolphin’s swim happily – that’s where the Lošinj Archipelago is located. This is a magical place that will seduce them with all its attributes – scents, tastes, sounds and preserved natural beauties.

Lošinj has a health tourism tradition of over 125 years and they call it island of vitality. Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, pinewoods and air, this is an ideal place to recreate your body and spirit.

Island is perfect to get your mind off and just get in one with the nature.  I had an opportunity to enjoy few days on the islands and I fully “charged my battery” by spending my time lying on the beach in beautiful hidden bays, swimming in crystal clear sea.

Lošinj is not only home of aromatic herbs, beautiful bays, crystal clear sea. Island is also proud of their own Apoxyomenos – The statue itself is an amazingly interesting piece of Greek culture and it is one of the best preserved bronze statues of the ancient times. During the recent years, it has become a symbol of the Croatian statue heritage. Had an opportunity to visit this unique museum that is dedicated to the statue of Apoxyomenos. The nine scenes of each room offer exquisite sensory experiences. By means of taste, smell, hearing, and vision, the visitors can fully and individually experience the Apoxyomenos. Very interesting museum that I highly recommend to visit if you ever find yourself on this beautiful island.