“Any explanations regarding the Paski cheese are needless and incomplete. It is created as much from the tiny blades of grass hiding in between dry twigs as from the bleating call of the dairy sheep that hide before February northern winds, licking the salt off the plants, brought on by the winds.” – Ante Zemljar

The Paski sir cheese is the most appreciated Croatian cheese of protected geographic origin, made from milk of Pag island sheep. The thing that distinguishes it is its main ingredient: the milk of sheep from the island of Pag, which has a very specific taste that cannot be recreated artificially. There is no secret to the manufacturing of the Paski sir cheese. The special ingredient is the island Pag itself, its miraculous but sparse vegetation, extraordinary due to the plenitude of aromatic herbs, but also due to salty foam that is deposited on the vegetation by the cold northern winds blowing from the sea in winter time.

It is part of protected Croatian intangible cultural heritage because of the traditional production of the cheese that is characteristic for the whole island, from Lun in the north, to Povljane the south of the island. Because of the centuries-old way of making cheese, it become trademark all long the island, specialty known not only in Croatia but also throughout Europe and the world.