Istria region is specific for many things and one of them is Boskrain, horned cattle, a symbol of the region. It is an original Croatian autochthonous breed in the Istrian Peninsula. There used to be around 50 000 head in the 1950s and throughout the years the number fell to scary 100 head in the 1990s. Boskarin was used on farms as a working breed, for pulling carts with heavy stone across rugged terrain for building monumental building that make Istria famous today. As the time passed, and modern technology took over this breed nearly become extinct. People of Istria did not want this marvelous animal to extinct, so they came up with a plan to save them. They started with 93 head, and now, 15 years later there are 2100 of them and they did it with help of AZRRI, a local agency. Within the agency program, they are permanently protected, and new values have been added to this wonderful animal.

Now, Boskarin has great economical and tourist significance and their meat is considered “the meat of Istria” and as one of premium gourmet delicacy. You can enjoy its meat in a stew or as salami in many small taverns in Istria. Their meat can be found in some restaurants in Dubrovnik too, but Istrian people will surly say their way of preparation is better. Boskarin had a long history filled with thorny paths from being used as a farm animal to house building and today for gourmet purposes. Boskarin is just one of many Istrian well kept secrets and its popularity grows higher each day. If you find yourself roaming around Istria, make sure you find a lovely tavern or konoba for a delicious meal made of this great animal.