This one in the lifetime story, starts in Konavle, place near Dubrovnik. Story teller is amazing Antonia who will in details tell you the story about embroidery, the little silkworms, their breeding and interesting ways that this story makes particularly interesting.

AR Atelier is an art shop lead by academic painter. They produce various applied and decorative items created by several techniques like hand painted silk, pottery, and traditional Konavle embroidery. Inspired by the beauty of the local backdrops, defined by the traditions of Dubrovnik and Konavle, and captivated by the craft that endlessly brings new opportunities of experiencing the very same item.

Konavle has for centuries been renowned for the production of silk yarn, where it was used for the decoration of male and notably female national costumes. The production occurred in the rooms of the women every spring. Every woman of Konavle had to rear enough silkworms to produce her own yarn for her individual embroidery. Until marriage, she would produce enough embroidery for various occasions and circumstances, for a long time it would be her only accessory and identity card.

Every embroidery has a unique language that describes its tailor, her cunning, wealth or hardship, and when she makes it a part of her costume it becomes part of her personality. The Konavle embroidery is worn around the chest and the sleeves, where jewelry is worn today, and on the part of our body where we point with our finger when a person says „I”. The Konavle embroidery is an important part of the national costume of a small region and it has developed its own artistic language transforming into something more than simple decoration.

All of their products are original and authentic, because of that makes this story even special. But best of all, when You see with how much love Antonia is talking about her hobby and preservation of tradition in this region of Croatia. Definitely worth of seeing!