Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands which are located in the northern part of our beautiful Adriatic Sea. The largest of them is called Veliki Brijuni “Big Brijuni”, and the second large are called Mali Brijuni “Small Brijuni”. They are very famous for its stunning untouched nature, history but also another interesting fact is that Brijuni are National Park.

The interesting thing about Brijuni is that they offer a lot of historical and architecture heritage, but also numerous of different animal species which were gifted from around the world to Josip Broz Tito. Tito, while he was alive was maintaining the island and also lived on it. You can also see and talk to his famous parrot which has a big vocabulary of words so that is very interesting especially for the kids. Brijuni also has a little train with which you can drive around the island and see the beautiful nature but also the animals such as lamas, the Istrian ox (Boškarin), donkeys, goats, squirrels, Istrian sheep (Pramenka) ect.

One very interesting and fun fact is that in Brijuni we discovered dinosaur footprints. They have been discovered on the four sights of NP Veliki Brijuni but also on the island Vanga.

We also had Templars in the 13th century on Brijuni, and you can visit their church there which is called St. Mary’s basilica. Stunning right?

As Istria is know for its olive oil and olive trees, you can visit here the 1600 years old olive tree, which has split open in the 1970 when the lighting hit it. But it recovered and now, it is richening the flora and fauna of Brijuni.

There are a lot more very beautiful things to see, this is just some of them. I love going to Brijuni every year.

Bring your family and friends and discover this beautiful islands!