Nikola Tesla world famous inventor, scientist, visionary, physicist and futurist was born in Croatia in a small village Smiljan (Lika).

In his early ages he left Croatia, and went to school in Graz, Austria. In 1881. he worked in telephone company in Budapest where he did a lot of improvement. We can say, this is start of his great career.

After few years, he emigrated to the USA and became naturalized citizen. For a short time, he worked for Edison Machine Works, when he decided to go on his own. He set up laboratories and companies in New York an started to develop a range of electrical and mechanical devices.

His social connections were pretty poor. He had only few close friends, and many people would say that he was a little bit strange and hard to communicate with. Perhaps, the is reason is because he was genius and many people could not understand him.

Last years of his life Tesla spent in poverty and loneliness. He lived in hotel Waldorf Astoria, where he died alone in his room (3327)  on 7 January 1943, at age 86.

Nowadays we can be grateful for his invention without which we could not live. Some of his inventions are: Wi-fi, radio-remote control, mobile phones (mobile signal), electromotor, three-phase current etc…

When I think about Nikola Tesla I feel great respect and gratitude. For me, he was misunderstood man, man who had different view of the world, man who wanted to give the humanity great gifts of his mind. And therefore I can definitely say, without any refraining, that he left great trail in human history.

In honour of this great man, will be held a multimedia exhibition called Nikola Tesla – Mind from the future. Exhibiton will take place in Zagreb from 25. November 2017 to 20 March 2018. The exhibition will be set up at the Mestrovic Pavilion and it will represent an unknown part of Tesla’s life, the one that was related to art and philosophy which were the significant sources of his numerous ideas. After Zagreb the largest Croatian exhibition and export project will be touring around the globe visiting other world capitals such as New York, Budapest, Prague, Paris and Dubai.

I would definitely visit this exhibition and if you find yourself in Zagreb in this period I would  definitely suggest to visit it.


“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”


Fotografija, izvor: Foto arhiv MC “Nikola Tesla” Smiljan