The island of Korcula is a kind of phenomenon of the preservation  number units of customs and frequency of performance Kumpanjija“, chain dance with swords as the central event. Kumpanjija – notion that the island of Korcula is the traditional island, dance of color and the society that gathers men in the maintenance of this interesting custom.

Moreska is a romantic war dance with swords that spread originally from the Mediterranean countries in the 12th and 13th centuries. It is supposed that Moreska first came to Korcula from Spain in the 16th century across the South Italy and Dubrovnik. It is supposed that the first Moresca was performed in Spanish Lerida in 1150 as a reminiscence of the expulsion of the Moors. It can be summarized as the story about the fight for a girl and in that sense it has its roots in the traditional Mediterranean stories and legends, of which perhaps the oldest and the most famous one is the one about the Trojan war, although there are some different characters in Moreska from Korcula. Moro, the Black King’s son takes by force and imprisons the White King’s fiancee ( Bula ). After the short dramatic action which develops through the dialogue between Moro and Bula, and later with the White King as well, the armies of both kings confront.

Beautiful combination of dance, fencing and a love story that cannot be missed.