Legend says:

“When God created the world, according to legend, he had lots of white rocks. He threw them, randomly over his shoulder into the sea with the intention to do later the “schedule”. But when he turned around, he liked what he saw and left everything in its place. And till today on area of ​​320 km2 are around 150 islands, islets and cliffs.”

Croatia can be proud of their natural beauty. One of its many beauties is the National Park Kornati. Nowhere else in this large sea you can find such a great number of islands crammed in so little space. The most popular phenomenon of the National Park are the Kornati Crowns which are probably the origin of the islands’ name (Latin corona = crown). Today Kornati islands are not permanently inhabited. They are a favorite destination of people who favor Robinson Crusoe style. In the past this used to be quite different. Standing there as a witness of the past life on the islands, they have the remains of Illyrian hill-forts and tumuli, the oldest buildings on the islands, and nowadays flooded salt pans and Venetian citadel from the 16th century.

Definitely, must see destination. Take a swim in the crystal clear sea, enjoy Your sail through these islands. I have no doubt that its beauty will leave you speechless.

And in the end, words from one of the many that fell in love with this islands:

“On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath.”