Jure Grando was known according to myths and legends as the first vampire which lived in the Istrian village called Kring. According to the writings of the Slovenian solider Johann Weickhard Valvasor the incidients with Grando were taken places somewhere between 1656 and 1672. That makes Jure Grando the very first European vampire. The locals used to call him “štriga” (which means a bad creature or witch). After he was buried, they say that he started to show to his ex-wife which claimed that he was doing evil things to her. Local people claim that he appeared at front doors, knocked on the door and that was a sign which meant someone from that house will soon die.

They say he terrorized them the next seventeen years. The bravest of the villagers led by the prefect Miho Radetić chased and tried to kill the vampire by piercing his heart with a hawthorn stick, but failed because the stick just bounced off of his chest. One day the county ruler decided to visit his grave with the locals and dig him up. They claim the body was untouched and that he had a big smile on his face. Father Giorgio said: “Look, štrigon, there is Jesus Christ who saved us from hell and died for us. And you, štrigon, you cannot have peace! They then tried to stab him in a heart again, but the stick could not penetrate its flesh.

Today, Kringa has embraced the story of Jure Grando Alilović and have opened up a vampire themed bar aimed at attracting tourists to the town.The Juraj Dobrila gymnasium in Pazin created a short film called “Vampire of My Homeland” (Vampir moga zavičaja) based on the writings of Valvasor.

A very interesting legend am I right?