The most famous and important monument of Istria peninsula. It is the starting and ending point of every tour city – Pulska Arena – where the gladiators fought. It was built in the first century, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, at the same time with the greatest and most famous building of its kind – The Coliseum in Rome.

The fighting were maintained between the gladiators themselves, or even cruelly, between gladiators and wild beasts. They were preparing for the battles in underground levels of the amphitheater, which you can visit today. You can enjoy every summer into faithfully shown fighting’s of the “gladiators” as it used to be centuries ago.

In the arena were also cruelly tortured Christians who were persecuted throughout the Roman Empire in 4th century.

There is now a nice exhibition of “Olive oil and wine in ancient Istria”, where, for example, you can see the old amphora and presses for the grapes.

Arena is one of the best preserved and largest up to date, ancient amphitheaters in the world, alongside to the more famous amphitheater in Verona, and even the Roman Colosseum. If you find yourself in Pula, it would be a shame not to visit it.