Famous costal cities get crowded in the summer making it hard to find a peaceful corner to relax and enjoy your summer vacations. If you are ever daydreaming about a hidden place with untacked nature, unique streets and unseen experiences embark on a journey to Groznjan, the village of artists.

Its artistic flourishing began in 1965 when the vacant houses left by the Italians after World War II moved by artists from all over the world. The most exciting time to visit is the beginning of May when this small sleepy city turns into a stage filled with various artists, singer, actors, performers, sculptors and many others. Groznjan exudes art and music from May to end of July and strolling through it’s labyrinth like street you can hear sounds of jazz and classical music, children and adults laughing and singing. The doors to many galleries are practically always open so feel free to step inside of some artist hidden universe. Keep on getting lost in this charming town and you will surly stumble upon locals and tourists sitting together sharing stories over homemade traditional brandy. Rich historical heritage influenced on unique architecture and overall mentality of the locals. A world in which life seems simple, fluttering, and calm as in some utopian tale of a city where, while playing music, everyone enjoys the sunrise and sunset with a dance step and a smile on their face.

Groznjan is a perfect place for everyone who is looking to find a piece of calmness in the midst of artistic way of life. A place where tradition meets art and where locals and tourists mingle together like long lost families. Let yourself be taken away in a different universe, in a place where artist rule and where music is intertwined with the sounds of nature making it the perfect summer getaway.