Participate in a panoramic flight over the city in a small hydroplane is a wonderful experience. The extraordinary feeling and enjoyment that provides you a view from the aircraft need to be experience.

From the spring of 2014. The tourists and also Croats who love to „escape“ during the holiday, will be able to travel along the coast in a whole new way. The advantage of the entire transportation system of hydroplane is in the speed and quality of service. Instead a trip of several hours involving flight, waiting and torture with luggage, now you have the ability to book a place in a small airplane that have accommodates up to 19 people and give you the possibility of making “your own plan of entire vacation.” In addition, you also have a tour from Croatian air, which is a unique experience, an opportunity to see Croatia from a different perspective.

This is an ideal way for tourists, but also local adventurers, to have a fast and easy travel across the entire Adriatic sea.