Come and join us to this unique and antique journey and get to know two beautiful villages called Velo and Malo grablje which are located not so far from the center of Hvar.

Velo grablje is on the most interesting villages on the island Hvar. It was built in the 14th century. From Velo Grablje towards Malo Grablje you can follow an old trail which in medieval time used to be the main road connecting Hvar with Stari Grad on the north side of the island. The entire trail is downhill, starting with 20 long steps and continuing as a small trail for approx. 1.5km.  It usually takes around 1h to reach Malo Grablje, including short stops for some picture taking. Today these villages are nearly abandoned and have but a few permanent villagers, but in the past, they were rich and prosperous, famous for good wine and olive oil production. One of the things this villages are very famous for is LAVANDER. The plant that is common in Primorje and Dalmatia.  There many lavender and wild medicinal herbs fields (like myrtle, heather, sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme and St. John’s wort) along the way. As lavender is very cherished and loved there, they even have an annual Lavender festival which takes place in June every year. The setting of the village itself is spectacular, lying as it does just below the old road and with gorgeous views towards the Pakleni Islands.

We have many things among this to show you on island Hvar. Come and join us to the new adventure!

Fun fact: Legend says that a poor villager wanted to ask the hand of a lady and asked the priest for advice. Plant lavender replied him with a very strange answer: to sell the oil made of lavender. The villager did as he was advised, incurring the ridicule of his fellow villagers in the process. But that didn’t last long. Very soon he was exporting the oil as far away as Paris, became very rich and married the lady.