Djakovo is the host and organizer of the Slavonia and Baranja folklore festival “Djakovo Embroideries”, which is held every year (since 1967) at beginning of July. Name of the festival fits the event perfectly: around seventy folklore groups with around 4,000 performers participate in the festival, with each group having a different folk costume, and each costume a different embroidery. Thousands of embroideries!

Parade with all of the participants passes through town streets like a moving exhibit of colors and lines, as if a rainbow had descended on the town. Square in front of the cathedral and the Summer stage in Strossmayer Park are the centers of activities. Groups, songs, dances, customs follow one another. Auditorium becomes too cramped in the evenings. The most beautiful folk costume for girls and women is chosen – it is a true festival of beauty; one cannot tell which is more beautiful – the girls, the women or the costumes. Its also a review of horses bred by rural households, which are united into horse breeding associations. The way in which this is shown to thousands of spectators couldn’t be more beautiful: marriage carts! These are rustic horse-drawn carts, decorated with flowers, embroidered pillows, towels and bed sheets, as it was customary for weddings long time ago.

During the ten unforgettable days of Djakovo Embroideries, the town becomes too small for numerous guests.