An old married couple wished a little trip with something out of the bitten track. And I ask myself what could I recommend? I thought briefly: I will suggest them something really unexpected!!!

„Would you try a excellent aphrodisiac?“ Immediately, they laughed heartily and said, “Yes, we want, it” – „Even if don’t tell you anything about it?“ – „Ok, surpise us!“

So I took them to Motovun, a small town on a hill in the Istria Region, surrounded by walls. They thought that I would take them to an old friar (Franciscan priest) or an old woman that combine multiple types of herbs for the elixir. On the way there, she interrogated me all about the aphrodisiac, but I didn’t want to give her any information, and saved the surprise for later. They were impatient. We passed below Motovun and continued toward the wild woods where a man with a hut and a dog was waiting near the road.

The old couple, all of a sudden, told me that everything was a little bit weird, because they had a different idea of this tour. I met them with this very friendly host and his furry friend, and they went into the woods while I remained in the car. I wanted to confuse them enough to make the surprise greater. Once they returned, they said:  “At the beginning we were wondering if it was a bewitched forest? The host with the dog told us that the aphrodisiac is a mushroom. We looked each other amazed, and thought we’d pick up the mushrooms. The host laughed and said that the dog would do that. Hmm, it got weirder. And after not a long walk, the dog barked, we came up to him and his owner dug out of the ground a small nondescript lump that looked like a tiny brain. That was the first time we saw a truffle just picked up from the ground and felt its mysterious and amazing scent. ”

They had such a huge smile on their face, but were still surprised. We proceeded with the car and I drove them into the hosts house where his wife prepared us several traditional dishes with the „elixir of love“ that we just found in the forest.

Were they satisfied? I got a text message in the morning: “Thank you for having us back to the youth. Aphrodisiac still works so do not disturb :)”