When I say summer time everything that comes on my mind are three months of sun, sea and lots of fun. Finally Croatia got a big electronic festival, in addition to everything offered by the island of Pag, festivals and good sound. Electronic room music moved back to the mainland. My opinion is that Split is more than a good place for this kind of festival, combined with the island of Hvar, which was the destination of the third and last day of the festival. It was very exciting and attractive. On the festival stage performances are currently the most popular names of the electronic scene. Names that are alternated on stage during the three days, and my favorite, as was Carl Cox, Avicii, Afrojack, Bingo Players, Steve Aoki, Erick Morillo … Full day experience is something you can not describe in words, it must be experienced. Sun, sea and stadium full of young energetic people. So much energy from all over the world!!!

Ultra’s vibe starts from the walk across the streets of Split. Ultra fans are easily spotted wearing original outfits, girls having lusciously tight jeans, dyed hair, and showing a lot of skin. You don’t need guidance to find the entrance. The pounding bass from across street easily get your attention and join the crowd in the wave to the gates, dancing, laughing, and having a good time. It is where the excitement really starts to embody into what Ultra really is about. The most important thing when you come to this festival is to have props, if they’re more remarkable then it’s better, and therefore more interesting to other people, so that is the easier way to acquired new friends and share experiences with each other.

The most important thing when you come to this festival, is to have as few things with you and „on you“.  🙂 It will be easier to live up to the entire festival, so it is not necessary dragging too many things. I always say, money and good will, and a few sparkling prop and that’s it. Let’s part’eee. Just let the music take over you.

It surprised me more than anything that Ultra Europe in 2014, with it’s Early bird ticket is sold within an hour, in 49 foreign countries. Line up the festival has expanded, enriched and extended the festival to three days in Split, fun is guaranteed. The music will instantly engulf you in a wave of energy and the need to be part of it. You’re free to choose any venue that pleases you, and as of that moment, the  journey begins. I do not know what to say, except that as soon as possible to buy a ticket, because this spectacle would be avoided. I’ve already booked my ticket, how about you?