Have you ever been to this beautiful green place in Slovenia? Wow – its green stunning nature and the walk itself around Bled is an unforgettable experience!

Lake Bled came into existence when the Bohinj glacier moved away after the last Ice Age, deepening the natural hollow, as the ice melted into the basin and filled it with water. The island in Lake Bled is not only the most popular island in Slovenia, it is the only natural island in Slovenia.

Bled is a town located on the famous Lake Bled in the region of the northwestern Slovenia. The Lake Bled is 2.12 kilometers long. In summer, the surface water reaches 25 °C (77 °F) and retains a temperature up to 18 °C (64 °F) until autumn. As such, it is suitable for swimming. In colder winters it freezes and is used for ice skating. So, whether you visit Bled in the summer of winter you will always have to do something here.

Bled offers many interesting places to visit, one of them is Bled Castle – which is according to history the oldest castle in Slovenia. It is also known as the symbol of Slovenia; it is located on the 130m cliff which is overlooking the Lake Bled. It is a place which we highly recommend visiting!

Another thing that is very interesting to see and experience and what is Bled also know about are the little wooden boats called “Pletna”– a wooden flat-bottom boat designed according to the concept of the Venetian gondola boat, but it is still different and has its own design. The differences are it has a pointed bow and the stern widened with a step to enable passengers to enter. The boat is propelled with the special »stehrudder« technique where the oarsman is standing and rowing with two oars. You can take the Pletna and have a unique and memorable experience with it.

You can also climb the place called Ojstrica, which means sharp peak in Slovene. It got that name because of the pointed shape and it is located high above Lake Bled. After approx. 20min of walking you will find yourself at the top and have the experience of breath-taking view. From there you will be able to see Straža and the steep castle cliff, Stol mountain, Savska raven plain and the long ridge of the west Karavanke mountain range. You can also see the peaks of Vrtača, Begunjščica, Dobrča and many others.

Those that I have mentioned are just the few places to visit and experience in Bled. There is so much more about this wonderful place that you can visit and also learn about. I personally highly recommend Bled as a place to see!

Fun fact: According to legend if the couple gets married at the St. Mary’s church happiness will accompany a married couple if, on the weeding’s eve, the groom passes the bride over 99 steps leading from the shore to the entrance. From the bell tower of the church echoes the bell of desires from as far back as 1534, and it is believed that whoever rings that bell in honor of the Virgin Mary will be fulfilled the desire she desires at that moment.