The National Park, Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s most popular tourist attraction, the oldest and the largest national park od Republic of Croatia. The park is located in the Croatian mountains, between the mountain range of the Small Chapel in the west and in the northwest and Lička Plješivica in the southest. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always nature lovers, so it was proclaimed the first national park in Croatia on April 8, 1949. Plitvice was grants UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. The beauty of the national Park lies in its 16 lakes, connected by a series of waterfalls.

Thanks to the great diversity of habitats and living conditions, numerous species of plants and animals have been created in this national park. The park has a remarkable significance with respect to the richness and diversity of flora, and the International Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has been declared a region of exceptional floristic values, not only in Croatia but also in Europe and the world. There you can see many rare, endemic and legally protected plant species. Among the protected species, specially distinguished young lady’s litters – the most beautiful orchid of Europe, very interesting and rare species of herbaceous plants.

Did you know that there are over 1400 plant species and subspecies here?  There are over 50 types of orchids in the Plitvice Lakes area, so this was the inspiration to create a unique souvenir dedicated to the splendor of one of the most beautiful parks in the world – the Plitvice Lakes Perfume. Plitvice is now the second destination in Croatia offering their own parfume and authentic souvenir.

Women love to wear beautiful smells that make them happy, elegant, sexy, peaceful or whatever their mood looks for. Fragrant industries always look for the next great scent that attracts women, and many of them experience amazing scents that will surely intrude. That’s all what you will get from new Plitvice perfume. The main smell of perfume comes from one of the autochthonous orchids from the Plitvice area, the moss needed for the swampfish, the plums that are very important for the Lika and lilies rich in the forests of Velebit near Plitvice. The message “Fall In Love” was carved under the cover. Invites you to fall in love with the perfume and remind you of the water. Guys, if you still don’t know what to buy to your girlfriends, woman, daughters… this perfume is perfect gift for Women’s day. The fragrance was pioneered by The Times of Plitvice website, which is now selling the perfume for $42 a bottle.  Hurry up and buy your own bottle and make her special!