…for many reasons. Here are the top 5:


1 / World class professionalism

We are highly responsive and precise

We provide detailed and personalized PDF material within 24h

Your client will always remain your client only and transparency is our highest priority


2 / Personal Concierge

Each client is assigned a personal agent for the best Concierge experience.

We provide the clients with cellphone including free internet, calls and messages.

We keep you up to date with your clients’ status.


3 / Knowledge & extra value

We educate our Staff by constantly traveling around the countries we represent

We site-inspect properties and fight to give the clients as many amenities as we can

We meet all of our partners and carefully select the best professionals such as guides, skippers and drivers


4 / B2B

We always protect your commission

We adapted our system to your standards: itinerary concept, B2B and payments

We match the right people for your clients based on your input about their interests and personalities.


5 / Emergency situations

We re-protect the services in case of emergencies

We are 24/7 available and all clients can call our emergency number in addition to their assigned personal agent.


6 / Protection

We are covered with 3.000.000 USD for each occurrence (unusual for Croatian standards)

Covered by Generali insurance company, rated A++ by A.M. Best Company


7 / Atmosphere

Our Staff is strongly motivated by positive attitude and collective enthusiasm

Fam trips and sales calls help us to keep in touch with our best partners

We are not interested in quick wins, we work on building strong and lasting relations with our partners