Leonidas works exclusively B2B creating unique customised experiences based on your clients’ specific preferences and budget.


1  /  Request

You can contact us by email, US voicemail and phone call

Once received a request from you with all the information about your clients desires and passions, we will reply with a detailed tailor made itinerary within 24h.

Expect to receive a phone call from us to discuss all the details. We encourage you to ask for changes until your clients are fully satisfied. We will provide with best-practice suggestions and will certainly always work hard to match your clients’ desires. We sight-inspect all the services so everything offer you comes with a guarantee.

Once the arrangements are finalized, we send you a credit card form and all is ready for your clients’ departure.



2  /  Documents & Concierge

30 days before the clients’ departure you will receive a carefully prepared LT package. It contains itineraries, vouchers, welcome letter, brochure, tickets, restaurant suggestions and other information.

Once arrived to their destination, your clients will receive smartphones with internet connection. It allows us to follow up with them and make sure they are truly enjoying their stay.

We send you a daily update on their feedbacks and impressions, so that you are always well informed about their journey. Nevertheless, we double check all the services and regularly notice your clients on timing and location of their booked services by SMS or phone call, depending on their preferences.

Once the clients are on their way back to US we can proceed with the payment of your commission.

Finally, all your feedback will be put in action to improve our services.



Support 24/7

Leonidas gives you access to valuable material on website through protected agents-only login. There you’ll find all the prices, sample itineraries and brochures for download. Our database is constantly updated with new offers and exciting packages allowing you present to your clients the best of Croatia.