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24.06.2017. Vicky M. Virtuoso

I am so happy to hear that A***** and R*** are enjoying their Honeymoon in Croatia And I am very appreciative of your keeping in touch with them. And with me.
I am very impressed with your continuing service.
My heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of my dear friend’s grand-daughter and hubby.

02.08.2017. Mary Therese H. Signature

Hi Andrea,

Clients are back and had a marvelous time. The villa was actually “ perfect “. The staff went above and beyond.
Park Hotel was lovely and they really enjoyed trip to the Nat’l Park.
We will certainly recommend this villa and others in that group again.

19.09.2017. Kathy C. Client

My family and I vacationed in Croatia this summer and had the most wonderful driver named Ante and I wanted to personally share with you our experience.

We flew into Dubrovnik and rented a car and drove up the coast. Your company planned and secured our hotels and villas, which we enjoyed and would do again, but when we arrived in Split we had a horrible drive to our villa, which was actually in Jesenice. The rural road was very dangerous to say the least. By the time we reached the villa I called our travel agent Vera and told her we could not stay in this villa as it was too difficult to go in and out. She advised that we could not get our money back but perhaps a driver would help. For a small fee we could have a driver take us around for the next 4 days. We reluctantly agreed. We had no idea what was in store for us. Your employee, Ante, showed up early the following morning and it was honestly the most pleasurable 4 days of the trip, and believe me we loved the rest of the experience!

Ante was extremely professional, but always very friendly and ever so helpful. He made our time in Split amazing. His tips and suggestions were always right on the mark and he was just a joy to be around. We said a sad good bye to him in Split and hoped that maybe we would meet again in Zagreb on our way our of the country.

My daughter maintained contact with him for the remaining week asking him questions and getting suggestions about restaurants and excursions along the way. His help was priceless to us.

On the eve of our departure from Zagreb back to the United States, Ante agreed to meet us at our hotel to say a final goodbye. When he arrived in the lobby he asked if we would like a tour of his city. We were thrilled to accept. He spent the whole evening with us and took us all over downtown and pointed out all the landmarks and famous sites. He took us to a local restaurant to eat like the townspeople do. We finished off the evening with a visit to his favorite dessert place. When he took us back to the hotel, he offered to take us to the airport the next morning so we would not have to leave early to return the car. He said he would be happy to return the car after dropping us at the airport. We, of course, were relieved and grateful.

The following morning Ante was there early, as usual, in lobby helping with suitcases and getting us organized. The bellman informed us that out car had been in an accident coming out of the hotel garage. We had no clue what to do. Ante took care of the problem. He spoke to the hotel staff and made sure that they accepted responsibility and they would pay for damages with the rental car company. I don’t know what we would have done without him.

He drove us to the airport and we said our goodbyes just like old friends would. He returned the car and dealt with the rental car company about the accident. There was no stress on us because he was there to handle things in a very professional and practical matter.

On a personal note, Ante is to this day one of my favorite people. We have told him if he ever comes to California, he is welcome to stay with us as long as he likes. He is a true gem and we will always remember his stories, teaching us different phrases is Croatian, his impressive knowledge of the country, but most of all his friendship. Any employer would be lucky to have him as an asset and, because of him, we will recommend you highly to all our friends that choose Croatia as a destination.

14.06.2017. Cindy C. Signature

Hi, Andrea:

I just spoke to S… and she couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Leonidas, the drivers, the service, the guides.
She brought up that all arrangements were extremely were flawlessly organized. She appreciated the 24 hour number when she missed her flight in Frankfurt…and noted that the driver was right there on her arrival. She noted that you called the hotel in Dubrovnik and requested a first floor room because of the problem with her knee…she said that it was above and beyond and so appreciated.

She said she highly recommends Leonidas.

Thanks so much for everything!

05.10.2017. Janet Y. Client

Hello Andrea,

I hope this message finds you doing well.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this e-mail. We all ended up with a cold, after getting caught in the rain on our last day at Dubrovnik. We are all fine but it took a little while to catch up at work and to get over the cold. I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for making our trip so wonderful. We had a wonderful time and have been telling all of our friends to go visit Croatia!

I wanted to especially thank the driver who had to come back to return my sister’s jacket. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. I would have thanked him personally but we were out when he had stopped by. I also want to thank the fisherman at Mali Ston. Those were the freshest oysters we have ever had! We didn’t know that he would transfer from our boat to the other one in the middle of the lake! Another boat literally “parked” next to our boat and he jumped over to shuck more oysters to that group of tourists! We didn’t get to tip him, so we felt bad.

So once again, thank you. I know that there was a lot of back and forth, so I appreciate your assistance every step of the way.

Best regards,

12.04.2017 Sandy H. Signature

Hello Andrea and mom!

 I can’t thank you both for an incredible once in a lifetime trip to such a gorgeous country! We had the most amazing time here and we we so so so sad to say goodbye. Everything has perfect! The hotels were great and the staff at the palace were hilarious fun! We loved every tour guide and were so impressed on how welcoming they were and how they took their time with us. Drago, our driver was really over the top wonderful in every way! We chatted with him so much! Our foodie tour guide was also exceptional! The oyster tasting and wine tasting were both such a blast, highlights for sure! I loved the waterfalls the most as it’s been a dream of mine to come here and it was way better than expected. So thank you again and we will be back for sure!

 Best Regards,

Samantha H.

25.07.2016 Dielesy K. Virtuoso

Dear Matea and Vera
The Blanco family returned with the most amazing comments about the trip! I could tell in their voices how excited they still are about everything during their trip. They had in their words “the best vacation ever” and this is a wonderful statement coming from a family that has traveled the world and always look for us to recommend the most exotic destinations.
Congratulations to your team, congratulations to Croatia and its citizens! They enjoyed this vacation not only for the well-organized it was, the good service of Leonidas Travel, but also for the care and enthusiasm of the guides and everyone in Croatia’s travel industry that touched them during their trip.

22.06.2016 Mindy W. Signature

Dear Giorgio & Vera,
I cannot begin to thank you both for such an incredible trip.
Each place (Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik) was amazing. In Split I loved exploring the Palace, and Mirela was such a joy to spend the afternoon with.
The restaurants she picked for the Gastro Tour were diverse and the food was wonderful. I am now in love with Croatian wine, and I wish I could find it here in upstate NY! I even managed to fit four bottles of Plavac Mali in my luggage to bring home :). Each tour was wonderful, each driver so different, and each a pleasure to speak about Croatia with. My husband and I found our week such an eye opening experience, learning about Croatia’s history, seeing beautiful landscapes, tasting such fresh food, drinking wonderful wine, and meeting the most welcoming people.

I have been using our Signature Destination Specialists for my special clients who are willing to see the world differently than they would experience by being on an escorted tour. Thank you for showing me what you can do for those very special experiences. I especially loved the Oyster tasting in Ston. Being the only two people out on the water and eating oysters straight from the sea was fabulous.
And we loved hearing about the whole process of catching and raising the oysters.

Hvar was so special, and the two wineries, and then the special lunch, just for the two of us showed me how I can certainly show my clients something extra special! Dubrovnik was also very beautiful, and walking the wall with our guide while hearing stories about the war 20 years ago, and what has happened since, was so very interesting. I have seen beautiful pictures of Dubrovnik, but there is no substitute for seeing the beauty in person.

I posted each day wonderful pictures to my personal and Empress Travel’s Facebook pages and already have many people curious now about Croatia. I will be putting all my insights and pictures on Empress Travel’s website, and I will posting how terrific Leonidas Travel has been on the Signature Facebook to spread the word about your fabulous company.

I have been in this business for over 25 years, and after personally experiencing a destination my enthusiasm about my “new” place helps me sell a destination over and over. You can be assured I will be sending my clients to Croatia, and I look forward to working with you both hopefully very soon!

31.05.2016 Mary A. S. Virtuoso

I really enjoyed working with you and hope we can work together again in the near future.

11.07.2016 Petra W. Signature

I just came back from a personal vacation in Croatia, booked with Leonidas Travel. It was a wonderful trip, and I highly recommend Leonidas. The agent I worked with before and during our trip was Andrea Jelicic, and she is truly amazing. From the airport pickup to the hotel arrangements, rental car, catamaran tickets, private car and driver excursions, everything was perfect and seamless. The only glitch we had was upon arrival when the cell phone that was provided to us didn’t have a working simcard. That was taken care of immediately, at 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.

I really liked having the cell phone that Leonidas provides to all clients with independent arrangements. In addition to the regular business-hour numbers of Leonidas’ agent(s), it comes with a 24-hour emergency number. Fortunately, we didn’t need that, but it does provide extra peace of mind. I did call/text Andrea on several occasions with some questions, and she always responded immediately. Upon departure from Zagreb, our rental car was brought to us at the Esplanade, and we took care of all formalities at the hotel with the rental agent.

Croatia is an incredibly beautiful country. We visited Zagreb, Istria (Rovinj where we stayed, Pula, Motovun), Zadar, Split, Hvar, Korcula, and Dubrovnik. We also took the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana in Slovenia for a day trip, which is very doable, but doesn’t give you a lot of time in Ljubljana, just enough to give one a taste of this gem of a town.

We had a driver from our hotel on the island of Korcula, who took us to Dubrovnik. We went on a car ferry for about 15 minutes, and then on terra firma all the way to Dubrovnik. Our driver was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. After we told him how much we enjoyed the Croatian wine, he suggested a stop at a winery on the way, an added bonus. In fact, we liked him so much that we requested him to be the one to take us on our one-day excursion from Dubrovnik to the beautiful Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. And he was able to make those arrangements.

26.08.2016 Robin S. Signature

Hi Vera,

We had a great time on the Jeep Safari tour – Leo our guide was wonderful – great information and very professional.  The best part of the tour was the experience we received during lunch.  He brought us to a local restaurant – it was very exclusive with great service, food and wine!  A view that cannot be compared.

Hope we can work together again soon.


26.06.2017. Peter R. Virtuoso


Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so happy they had a great time.

On my end, your services have been fantastic. You were incredibly patient with me!

25.10.2017. Angela O. Signature

Hello Justin.

Hope all is great!!

I wanted to pass along the input from my clients. Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of them. When we spoke over the phone she told me how much they appreciated your text messages to prepare them for their tours and all. They loved the comfortable vehicles, which was especially important coming back from the park with the weather and long drive. She said they this was definitely a stand out trip!! This says a lot because they are pretty well traveled. I am waiting to hear from a friend of theirs who wants to do this itinerary too!!

Thanks a million for everything. It was wonderful working with you and Andrea.

25.08.2017. Susan M. Signature

Hello Justin,

H**** Family are back and they had a fabulous time they loved every minute of their trip the hotels, sightseeing tours, tour guide and food.
Thank you soooooooooo much.
For sure I will use you again and recommend you to my colleges.

07.08.2017. Megan F. Virtuoso

Hi Andrea,

I just heard back from J****. She and A*** had a spectacular time in Croatia. They are in love with the county! Thank you for all of your help.

Best regards

19.06.2017. Lynne M. Signature

Hi Adrijana,
S**** and her daughter have returned home and they had a wonderful trip. She told me your company took very good care of them and that they
enjoyed all the arrangements you made very much. So I thank you very much for the great service and for making me look good!

19.09.2017. Liz K. Signature

Hi Justin,
Here is the feedback 

Hi Liz,
Everything worked out great. Justin was very responsive and provided excellent services. He jumped in when our catamaran was canceled due to bad weather and ensured that we were able to make alternative plans to get to Hvar. We also decided to use his services for another private driver one day to go to Montenegro. Overall, very satisfied with his services. Wonderful trip.

18.10.2017. Emer F. Client

Hi Vera,
I know our honeymoon was a month ago already, but I wanted to reach out to thank you and everyone at Leonidas for making our trip so wonderful. We truly enjoyed every stop in Croatia and the itinerary was perfect. The hotels were all great and the transfers were professional and on time. We could not have planned it better ourselves!
I wanted to ask if there was a place that a review would help? We would only say good things. No worries if not, but I wanted to offer.
Best, Emer

08.10.2016 Irene C. J. Client


 Hope you are well! We cannot thank you enough for such a once in a lifetime trip. We are HUGE fans of Croatia and it’s beautiful people, history and culture. We were so thankful for all the warm and hospitable people we met along the way. 

(…) Thank you again and I’m sure we will be in touch very soon!


25.07.2016 Jessica G. F. Virtuoso

I had a wonderful visit from the D*****s’ last week and heard all about their incredible trip.
They raved about the beauty of Croatia, not to mention the extremely nice people and welcoming energy.
They loved every step of the way of the itinerary that you planned for them and so grateful for the opportunity to see and explore as much as they did.

05.07.2016 Sylvia V. Signature

Hello Vera,
Hope all is great with you!
Thanks for doing such a great job with the T*****e family as well as the H******y’s. Both trips were fantastic!!
Hope to be back to you soon with new arrangements.
Thanks for everything!!!

26.07.2016 Kayo R. Signature

Hi Andrea-
I want to share the wonderful email I received from Mr Natter about his honeymoon. It was perfect and they just loved it!!!
Thank you again for your outstanding work on making it so very wonderful!!!

“I just wanted to thank you for planning such an amazing trip! I would have to say it was the best trip Alex or I had ever been on. The hotels were amazing and the people working at them were so friendly, it made the trip so easy and relaxing. Everyone that you coordinated for the trip was great, from the people providing the transfers to the tour guides. The trip was flawless.

Some of our favorite memories from the trip were the champagne sunset on top of the mountain and the wine tasting the next day on Hvar. We had the same guide for both so we felt really comfortable with him and it made the experience wonderful. Also boating around the islands around Hvar was so relaxing and again, we had a great guide. I think they were both from Hvar Tours. Relaxing in Korcula and just exploring the city was another one of our favorite memories. Any there was so much to do in Dubrovnik, we enjoyed every part of it.

I have to stress how unbelievable the hotels were. The first hotel in Split was in the best location and the employees were so friendly, and the room was amazing. The perfect place to start the trip. The hotel in Hvar had such an amazing view of the harbor. The hotel in Korcula was pretty much a palace and was the perfect place to relax after Hvar, and Dubrovnik hotel had the best view from their roof deck bar, and the coolest lounge area right on the water that we spent every afternoon at. We want to go back to every hotel!

We felt we spent the perfect amount of time in each city to get a real feel for each one, and are already trying to convince our families to go back with us as soon as possible. But next time we want to spend more time in Dubrovnik. That’s the only town where we felt there was so much more to do that we didn’t have enough time for. But we wouldn’t have changed a thing on our honeymoon.

Thank you for planning the most amazing honeymoon. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience!”

22.06.2016 Elizabeth K. Signature

Feedback from clients is great!!
I can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful help, assistance and flexibility.
I am singing your praises to everyone. 🙂

18.05.2015 Helen Ensamble

Dear Andrea,
I just want You both to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you have provided to me and my clients. I will send an email to my colleagues and encourage them to use Leonidas for any trips to Croatia.

01.07.2016 Marie-Therese H. Signature

Fabulous ! Thank you Andrea !
They are having a FANTASTIC time. I want to use this SAME boat and captain for other clients and will plan much further in advance so to include DBV and Stone in the itinerary.
Thanks so much for everything !

11.07.2016 Lynn K. Signature

I just wanted to share the comments I received from Jodi L***n.
Thank you so much for helping me arrange this wonderful trip.
I look forward to working together on future trips.

I wanted to let you know that we are back and had an amazing trip. Croatia is a beautiful country and our itinerary worked out so well for us.
All of the accommodations were lovely and well situated. Our excursions were great and the arrangements that were made for meeting guides or getting transport worked really well.
We filled out a survey for Leonides and expressed our appreciation for our wonderful time – if you are in contact with them, feel free to let them know again how happy we were with our trip.
Thank you for organizing such a wonderful experience of our family. This will be a trip we will all look back on fondly for some time to come!

06.04.2016 Kathy A. Signature

Hi Andrea:
Feedback from Hametta!!

“The trip was absolutely wonderful.  I cannot say enough about all the places we visited.  The hotel in Split was located right on the square & the service was impeccable.  Every guide showed up on time & each one was a delight.  The driver, Boris, was prompt & a joy to ride with.  I like the extra free time in Dubrovnik as well.  We asked for a little extra time in Kotor & Mostar, and Boris eagerly obliged (could have used even more).  I would highly recommend the Croatia travel agency you used (Leonidas Travel).

Thank you for your hard work on booking the vacation for us.  It was a fantastic trip, thanks in large part to your diligent work putting it together.”

26.07.2016 Marjanna A. Agent

Thank you Maja
You have been wonderful to work with and I hope to be in touch with more clients soon.

08.10.2016 Irene & Min Client


Hope you are well! We cannot thank you enough for such a once in a lifetime trip. We are HUGE fans of Croatia and it’s beautiful people, history and culture. We were so thankful for all the warm and hospitable people we met along the way.

I wanted to let you know that since posting many photos on Facebook and Instagram, we have many family members (including my parents) and friends that are very interested in traveling to Croatia soon. I will send them your contact information so they can reach out to you and your agency!

We are also very very happy to share feedback to help your agency and the various places we visited so here it is below. Please let me know if there is anything else you want more information on.

Thank you again and I’m sure we will be in touch very soon!

Irene and Min

27.06.2016 Barb D. Signature

I just heard from my client (she is still in Europe)…..she said the driver/guide was absolutely awesome

“We loved our driver! He was a gentleman, he was polite and did a great job on June 26th!
Well worth the money, Thank You!”

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of them.

27.11.2017. Mary Anne D. Signature

Dear Justin

Happy Holidays!

Believe it or not, I had just had a moment and time to meet with M/M A*** over a week ago. We spent about 3 hours planning thier future trips BUT MOST OF ALL, talking about their recent trip including Croatia. Just returning from our Thanksgiving Holiday week and here I am and can’t wait to tell you what they said to me.

Mr & Mrs S****** and N**** A*** were just full of praises about all the work you did for them. They loved mentioning your name, the right way (Yoostin) , your attention to details and the attention they received, from everyone at the Pucic Palace (They want to go back and stay there again. They loved their room and that specific location was perfectly amazing. Can you tell me which room that was and room number?). Would you please deliver this message for us, that M/M A*** only had praises for everyone at Pucic? The phone calls you made, the follow ups, the friendly reminders etc! You did such a fantastic job! They are grateful and more than ever, I am more grateful for everything. You showed professionalism beyond expectations from planning to clients departure. You must have stayed up all day and night for them… 🙂 !

The drivers and all the guides and all the tours were quite perfect. They also think I’m a genius, thanks to Leonidas Travel! They know that I know their instincts and their needs very well but continue to be amazed about all the companies and people I work with to make their journey happen, just seems to be perfect. I can’t do any of this, without all of you. Your ideas, suggestions, belief in me and most importantly, your patience in understanding, why I get crazy with details it’s because, the final out come is always going to be amazing and that we all can avoid problems this way. In 18 years doing luxury travel, I’ve come to learn and realize, there’s not enough questions to be asked, details to be done, and not enough times to follow up to ensure clients are happy. I know, it was grueling sometimes, especially when I start questioning everything, but in the end, all the memorable journeys of the client is achieved without any problems. Croatia was just one country of many during their trip and they loved Croatia and would like to return!

The full, long trips with 2 drivers etc, all worked perfectly and the tours were just at the point, they survived the long days and loved it!

There is only 1 thing I need to share with you that perhaps, you can remember to advise travel agents about next time The full day to Sibenik/Split (I think it was) , I didn’t know they needed passports. The good thing is, the driver advised the client they need passports before they left. I suppose,the route they were taking crossed another country (can’t remember where).

Special mention are Vesna (spelling?). drivers, boat was nice, silk tour quite educational, guide in Mostar (woman with kids), SarajeVo – young male guide from family that were refugees… among all the guides and drivers. They adored them all. Tours were fantastic!

What else can I say but THANK YOU for everything! I have not spoken with M/M L**** yet. They are often traveling domestically and super busy all the time. I need to get their feedback as well.

Thank you both for my 1st booking with Leonidas and a successful one at that!

26.07.2017. Kathryn S. Virtuoso

I wanted to share with you the review that Autumn posted on my profile in Virtuoso.com. This was nothing to do with me and all to do with you and your guides. Thank you so, so much for making me look good!!

Wonderful experience!
By: Autumn Skye

Reviewed on: 20 Jul 2017
Kathryn helped to plan a fantastic week in Croatia, that was the perfect balance of exploration and beach time. Exactly what I wanted! The drivers and guides who shared their country with me could not have been nicer or more helpful. I would highly recommend Kathryn to help you plan your next adventure overseas!

10.08.2017. Ani R. Virtuoso

Our family of four just returned to the States from our delightful time in Croatia. Reflecting, we really like the pace of the trip; tour big city>day at the lakes>smaller villages>bigger city>day sail>wrap up in major site of Dubrovnik. Guides were consistently good, capped off by Vesna in Dubrovnik. Weather was really hot, with high on most days ranging 95-100°F. Hotels and restaurants worked very well for us. Free upgrade from sedan to an Audi Q3 SUV made things a lot easier, especially when we began the trip with 5 people. Everything was very professional and well done. Thank you both.

10.10.2017. John L. Client


Thank you for making it a great success.

We had a great trip. Between Croatia and the Central Europe cities, we toured, ate and drank, and had a great time. Some quick thoughts from the trip:
1.) Villa Dubrovnik was awesome and would highly recommend to anyone. Guide was great, Walled City was very crowded but dinner at Nautika…amazing.
2.) Oyster tasting on little boat in Ston was one of the highlights of the whole trip. Weather was sketchy but guy on boat was fun and very personal/private.
3.) Split was just ok…very crowded, the Bokeria..good food but too busy, Hotel was marginal…a refurbished post office.
4.) Sibenik was cool, guide was solid and the restaurant you recommended Pelegrini was outstanding. Krka park too crowded.
5.) Zadar was fine, hotel was just a brief stop. Plitvice Lakes were beautiful..also crowded. Our guide was excellent.
6.) Rovinj was fun, the truffle hunt was beyond amazing and our guide for that part was a partner in the travel agency (Anton?) and a blast. Truffle hunt a must for anyone. Lunch at the farmers house was overwhelming and good…lots of truffles.
7.) Zagreb was really interesting and our guide was really knowledgeable. Would have liked to stay another day. Hotel Esplanade was excellent. Gallo restaurant…great waiter. Food was good. Throughout the trip, the Hotels did a great job of getting Kaitlyn and me rooms with two beds…perfect. Make sure people go through the tunnel under the old city…very striking.

Sorry for such a lengthy email…but it is all still fresh…great trip and some great memories. Thanks for all your help.

16.12.2016 Meredith D. Signature

Hi Ante,

 It was so nice to see you at the Signature conference. Like I mentioned I absolutely love you guys. Every one of my clients has been over the moon about their experiences. Guides, drivers, hotels, etc.

On the ground help – my client’s passport was stolen in Amsterdam before they flew over to Slovenia and you guys took care of everything.

 Also so happy to see the new document product. It looks FANTASTIC!

 You mentioned there might be space on a fam in April. I would sincerely love to experience a trip with Leonidas. Let me know if possible, and if not another time!

 Warmly 🙂

19.07.2016 Kathryn S. Virtuoso

Dear Andrea,
This is what Shawn Ramsey posted on the Virtuoso.com website in praise of me. Of course, this is nothing to do with ME, but everything to do with YOU and LEONIDAS. Thank you so much for making me look so good.
I have never been to Croatia so if you ever offer a fam trip for agents and partners, please keep me in mind. Thanks a million!!!

“We came back from a fabulous trip to Croatia a week ago and I’m still on a vacation “high.” What a beautiful, unspoiled country! We loved Croatia — the cities we visited, the people, the food — and would seriously consider returning. Croatia really is a hidden gem that tourists are only just beginning to discover. Kathryn Smith planned an fantastic trip for us, focused on the Dalmatian coast. We started in Split then we went “island hopping” to Hvar and Korcula and ended in Dubrovnik. Honestly the visit to Dubrovnik made the whole trip worth it. It’s an enchanting city and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll enjoy the city even more. I truly believe we saw the best of Croatia. Katherine did a phenomenal job of plotting our trip, finding the best hotels, arranging for family friendly activities (catamaran ride!) and offering general advice. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an unforgettable family vacation. This one marks #6 that’s she’s planned for us!”

26.05.2016 Marta L. D. Signature

Thank you so much for your great work with my clients.
I just spoke with my clients yesterday, they had a fabulous trip in Croatia.
Everything worked perfectly for them. John thanked me for connecting them with your
Travel Company to make their travel fantastic.

He said Leonidas is very well respected and he felt you have a lot of clout in Croatia
with all the vendors, they were treated very  V.I.P.
Thank you so very much!

11.08.2016 Cynthia B. Agent

We had an amazing vacation…everything was wonderful. The boat was fab, the skipper was really lovely and the guides you arranged for us were fantastic. (…) Such a beautiful part of the world and loved not only the local food we had whilst sailing but also found some great restaurants in Dubrovnik and Split too!

Thank you so much for arranging last minute (!) – it was a vacation to remember 🙂

16.09.2015 Frank F. B. Signature

My clients just finished their tour of Croatia with Leonidas and provided the following feedback: ‘Hard to believe we are headed back already. Croatia was great fun. Leonidas did a fine job of booking our hotels and giving us a wide variety of experiences, from truffle hunting to gathering oysters on an oyster farm. We saw cities and the countryside. Plus no fewer than 10 medieval towns. My wife learned a lot about her family history and we both gained an in-depth feel for the country where her grandparents were born.

Thanks so much for linking us up with Leonidas.
We recommend them highly! I would add that my dealings with Leonidas throughout the process was first class! My contact was responsive, prompt, and went out of her way to add special experiences and unique touches to their trip. Most impressive was the fact that she did research to provide suggestions on where they should go to find ancestral information on the client’s grandparents, and added that to their itinerary. Throughout the 16-day trip, she was in touch with the guides and the clients to ensure that they were pleased with the arrangements and provided me with updates. These clients are very discriminating and the fact that they recommend Leonidas highly speaks volumes! Kudos for adding them as a Destination Specialist!

24.08.2016 Rachel D. Virtuoso

Hi Vera and Giorgio –
Just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Mrs. Su*****n yesterday and she said you guys did an excellent job with their trip to Croatia, so thank you very much!

They loved their hotels, they said the boat and crew were excellent and that the guide in Dubrovnik was great.

I appreciate all your hard work on this trip.
Thank you!

26.07.2016 Mary M. N. Agent

Thank You so much, Maja! I truly appreciate your professionalism, and I know that my clients had a fabulous time with the special attention provided by Leonidas Travel.

25.07.2016 Cheryl McP. Ensamble

Bruno and Vesna were amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed our driver, the Old Town tour and all of the restaurants and food!
Dubrovnik is lovely, and I want to return some day. I will highly recommend this tour and your services to my clients.
I can’t say enough good things about Vesna…she is so knowledgeable, her English is great, and she is just an overall lovely person!
Thank you so much!

24.06.2016 Christy Damas Agent

Maja..you rocked.
So patient with me and all my craziness.
Trying to get some others to do a sailing trip in Croatia. I am going to be a specialist in this region….need to get over there!