The modern man enjoys all benefits of the newest technologies. The path to the moon is not so interesting anymore, until a trip to Mars will be realized. Technology is progressing in Warp speed. Once Jules Verne compiled the ideal itinerary of circling the Earth in 80 days, while today you can travel through continents in few hours.

When we are on vacation, we want somehow to see everything, taste and experience quickly, but we can’t disconnect from these technology. I think that everyone (not just you, our dear customers) should be back, a little bit, in time.

Imagine waking up in the morning, float away with a small rowboat in the company of an experienced fisherman. Catching the fish with his help in your partners, spouses, friends or maybe lovers company while the fisherman’s wife prepares an original and a bit forgotten recipe. Imagine gathering with your close friends, family in an intimate setting with wine,  in the shade with a gentle breeze that inflicts scent of the sea. Enjoying the simple things without advanced technology as well as ancient Greeks and Romans who were truly called a real hedonists. While your children carelessly play with farm animals, eat cherries from the tree, you melt homemade cheese into the homemade olive oil combining it with exquisite wine. Feeling, how you connect with nature, which, unfortunately many of us forgot…