Sometimes in life, after  hurry-scurry days, I just wish for peace and escape from the crowds, traffic and noise. Considering that I lead such a life and live near roads, every now and then, I express a desire for peacefulness and quietness. My choice are always Plitvice Lakes. Why? The first thing that I would set aside its that they took third place in the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world, and that beauty is only 2 hours away from my town, besides it is protected by UNESCO and it is placed on the List of World Heritage Sites. I think I’ve said enough, that I could interest you and refer you in this magical natural world.

When you enter into the park you attain that beautiful view of several lakes and greenery around you, it feels like you’re in the middle of the lungs of the world. Simply when you take a breathe you can feel the freshness in the air that is irreplaceable, in the background follows you the sound of cheerful little birds, menacing animals that this is their natural habitat, so luckily I didn’t found myself face to face with the “Mrki” (Grim) bear which is also one of the inhabitants of this beautiful landscape, however it’s hard to encounter them on the countless routes that are offered through the park, lucky for me 🙂. The lakes are crystal clear, and you can witness the countless fish that inhabit them.

On one occasion I had the opportunity to visit them in the winter season, whiteness and stillness of frozen waterfalls has a special charm, sculptures of ice left me speechless. I always wondered how something so beautiful could be incurred, but there is a legend that says: „The Plitvice lakes are created after a long drought. People, animals and plants have yearned for water. People prayed and prayed. Then in the valley came Black Queen with her ​​magnificent retinue, and she took pity on the people and with the strong wind and thunder, rain came to the ground. It was raining so long as the water level has not grown enough to form a lake.”  

Thank her for that…